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Zero #1 – Review

26 Sep
Zero the Hero?

Zero the Hero?

The spy genre is a very popular but very overused one. Especially in recent years with the rise of the “Bourne” archetype, the success of the Mission Impossible films and of course the never ending but highly critically acclaimed dominance of the one and only 007. Comics are no strangers to secret sleuthing either, but luckily Zero manages to bring a fresh take on an old recipe.

Our protagonist (as to call him a hero may be slightly premature at this point) fits the standard archetype of the best of the best that her majesty’s kingdom can offer, but its his mission which begins to differ from the norm. Sent in to retrieve bio-engineering technology  from a Palestinian terrorist in the Gaza Strip whilst the Palestinian is going tow to tow in a big superhero super solider brawl with an enhanced Israelis prototype. The two tear each other and the neighbourhood literally apart whilst Zero slowly takes his position infiltrating his way closer to the action. There are brief glimpses of his handlers back at the Agency in London but they keep their secrecy for the most part (Note: Parts of this issue is not suitable for kids).

Zero #1 Teeth

Michael Walsh gives a great sense of pace and momentum keeping you on the edge of your seat as Zero creeps closer to the tooth flying fight. Fans of David Aja’s Hawkeye will find themselves in love will the artwork but for me it is Jordie Bellaire who steals the show here. Off recent success on other Image books such as Nowhere Men & Comeback (also featuring Michael Walsh on pencils) and a stunning all female issue of Captain Marvel (Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with Pencils by Emma Rios) Jordie really brings the issue to life making the action feel visceral but still stylized.

Verdict: Zero is a great spy action comic with a talented crew. One worth watching!


Zero #1 End


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