Infinity – The Hunt #1 Review

12 Sep
Let the hunt begin!

Let the hunt begin!

There has been a lot of talk of “Event Fatigue” recently, and I agree to a point. With the Age of Ultron still a fresh wound and the X-Men’s Battle of the Atom occurring simultaneously, some people will have to choose which earth shattering event to follow. While the main Infinity series rages on, a little gem as arisen in the form of Infinity – The Hunt.

Most tie-in books seem either tacked on or contain so much important information that they are a compulsory read. The Hunt is neither of these, in fact, the concept it so good it could indeed sprout its own spin-off once the dust has settled.

The basic premise of the book is to take the kids of each of the worlds meta-human schools and pit them against each other in a more peaceful version of the Hunger Games. Competing are students from the Avengers Academy, Future Foundation, The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, the Braddox Academy, the Wakandan School for Alternative Studies, the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted and the Latverian School of Science (the Atlantean School was invited but there are complications between them and Wakanda). The mere fact that all these schools exist in the Marvel Universe and have not come together yet is astonishing but provides amazing possibilities.

Future Champions

Future Champions

Steven Sanders channels the style of FF’s Mike Allred but also keeps other well known characters like the students of the Jean Grey School in their usual aesthetic. There are a whole heap of great designs here too for newer characters from the lesser known schools. Two of these new students bring in the concept of Para-Athletes to these games. Box of the Braddox Academy uses an exoskeleton due to a congenital birth defect which left him short two limbs. Additionally, from the Pan-Asian School is Gang, a genius teen with Muscular-Dystrophy  who has built himself a space-suit style outfit decked out with the latest tech. Neither are going to worry Tony Stark any time soon but they would definitely interest him. After the recent Para-Olympics painted Para-Athletes as “Super Humans” it is great to see their comic counterparts become literal super humans.

The elephant in the room here though is Avengers Arena. Students from many of the schools competing here have already been kidnapped and forced to compete in a more extreme version of these games. Their absence is felt and touched upon but the glaring question is why Avengers Arena needed to take place at all when this could have been the much more interesting alternative.

The main problem however is that this title isn’t about the “Contest of Champions” but rather Thanos’ evil forces invading earth. Undoubtedly the kids and teachers will be forced to work together to combat the threat in coming issues and probably get in each others faces whilst doing so. Despite this, the first issue was a lot of fun and offers a great new concept for the future.

Verdict: Infinity – The Hunt #1 lulls you into thinking this is a battle of the youngest and brightest students in the Marvel-U, but is forgiven for its flawless execution and great concepts. I would be very disappointed if this didn’t result in an ongoing series or at the very least an annual games.


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