Battle of the Atom Chapter 3 – X-Men #5 Review

12 Sep


Battle of the Atom is now well under way and sides are beginning to form. Whilst young Jean Grey and Scott Summers try to outrun their future, some interesting divides are popping up within each camp.

Since the relaunch of X-Men Brian Wood has done a great job with his mainly female X-Force. Several issues have carried over from his run so far, the most important being leadership. With Storm being the Headmistress of the Jean Grey school some of her peers are feeling as though she is on an ego trip. The X-Men have never really had a military style leader, instead containing many members with strong leadership qualities. While the issue does follow Jean and Scott, it feels more focused on the characters within its own title, to much success.

Future Xavier - Minority Report

There are a few nice additions to the X-Universe here, foremost being the new Cerebro Spike pill which enhances the users psychic range in a very Minority Report-esque style. Also of note is the interplay between the three Henry McCoy’s.  Out of everyone with doubles or triples the Beasts seem to be extremely sympatico. Young Hank and present Hank finish each others sentences, and old Hank boosts all their egos by reminding them of a new vehicle the young and present Hanks made together. If anyone gets to stay in the present, I would hope these three get a little more time together.

But this volume of X-Men is really about all about one person, Shogo Lee. Jubilee may not be everyones cup of tea, but since her return her relationship with her new son Shogo is heart-warming and fun. For better or worse, Shogo now has a huge family of mutants, in particular two time travelling uncles to play with.




Verdict: X-Men #5 has kept the heart of it’s series intact whilst managing to forward the overall crossover event. Though the plot stalls in this chapter the character work done here will definitely be worth the wait as Battle of the Atom storms on.



Battle of the Atom Checklist Chapter 3


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