Captain Ultimate #1 Review

9 Sep
Ultimate Fun

Ultimate Fun

Heroes, true heroes can never die. They can be hurt, emotionally scarred, left for dead or just plain forgotten, but there’s a reason why the most popular heroes in our culture today are ones born over 50 years ago. The greatest heroes can’t physically save us in our drull and sometimes frightening real world. Instead they save our souls and inspire our minds. The worlds greatest heroes, the ones who last and we care about the most are just ideas.

Today more than ever the world needs a good idea to get behind. The most popular protagonists on television are a troubled chemistry teachers turned meth king pin, a friendly neighbourhood serial killer and an entire kingdom full of morally ambiguous knights and kings ready to spill every last drop of blood to secure a rusty old chair. As much as we might love these characters, the message they deliver is sometimes lost or forgotten past behind the executions and explosions week to week.

Captain Ultimate is an attempt to return to a golden age of heroes. A time where being mighty was having the strength not to lift a building but to stand up for the little guy regardless of the insurmountable odds in front of them. But this book isn’t set in the golden age, it brings that periods ideals forward to the present in the form of Captain Ultimate. This avatar of a simple hero for simple times must now contend with his 21st century counterparts, all of whom have become “gritty” and “edgy” in reaction to the world around them. But what the Grim Avenger and Dr. Brood Warrior fail to realise is that a simple hero is exactly what a harsh and dangerous world needs.

Captain Ultimate Milo Saviour

We need a someone to inspire us in our own lives to stand for something more than ourselves, just like Milo is given the courage to protect his “friends” (who have been bullying him) from a skyscraper sized robotic Cthulhu. Clark Kent shows us that we should never give up and Peter Parker informs us that with great power comes great responsibility. Captain Ultimate reminds us that there is a hero in all of us, that they’ve always been there just waiting to be released.

This first issue does an amazing job of capturing that feeling, with the real villain of the story being apathy and cynicism. Writers Benjamin Bailey & Joey Esposito have brought all their pent up malaise at comic book heroes of the past 20 years and decided to fight back with an undying love for the genre and a liberal sprinkling of nostalgia. Boy Akkerman’s great artwork has managed to bring together all of Bailey and Esposito’s themes while Ed Ryzowski delivers the same in his colours. There are no dark grimy alleyways or filth on the side walk, just an amazing technicolour world that seems to leap right off the page.

Verdict: Captain Ultimate #1 is a whole lotta fun! No matter your age or preferred genre of reading everyone should find something entertaining about this book, and hopefully find a little piece of the hero within them too.


Captain Ultimate & Kid Ultimate

Captain Ultimate #2 hits September 18th from Monkeybrain and you can pick up the first issue on Comixology today.


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