Battle of the Atom Chapter 1 – X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1 Review

5 Sep

Let the battle begin!

Children of the Atom past, present & future collide in this opening chapter of this years X-Men crossover. Celebrating 50 years of all things mutant Battle of the Atom brings together a whole heap of fan favourites, some in several iterations.  Although no much actual battling takes place between the X-gene heroes in this issue, there is plenty of action here to dig into.

Kitty Pryde’s original X-Men and Cyclops’ revolutionary Uncanny X-Men clash attempting to recruit newly powered mutant Animax. Undeterred by tensions between them, the two groups are forced to put any animosity aside to battle an old enemy in the form a squadron of sentinels. There is some nice character work with the all new X-Men in particular Christopher Muse, a new student at Cyclops’ school with healing abilities.


After a close shave for two mutants, the current Jean Grey School X-Men decide to immediately send their young visitors back from whence they came. The X-Universe has always been a complicated one, with several dystopian alternative dimensions and futures popping up left right and centre. So when a future team of X-Men appear before the young ones can be sent back you know that trouble is afoot.

Bendis has a fantastic grip on each character and manages to give everyone panel time despite the large cast. Looking forward into All-New X-Men #16 I’m eager to see why exactly these future X-men have broken the recently implemented no time travel rule, especially as one of they heavily responsible for being thoroughly irresponsible with the space-time continuum.

Score: 8.5 / 10

Battle of the Atom Checklist Chapter 1


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