Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Review

4 Sep


Action. Drama. Mythology. Metal. Blood. Brian Azzarello brings all these together to create a stellar debut into DC’s New 52 for the worlds favourite super heroine Wonder Woman.

Vivid from the off, this new version of the Warrior Princess is action packed. Azzarello and Chiang paint a weighty and often horrifying vision of combat in a world used as a playset, caught between warring gods. Diana is confident and steadfast in her actions, whether slicing through enemies or reassuring her allies that they are safe in her presence. No matter the obstacle, from the mighty Lord Poseidon to her misguided Amazon sisters the Princess of Themyscira has a tactic and a weapon for any and every attack.

One such weapon is her brain. Here is a hero who would much rather think her way out of a confrontation despite being able to completely annihilate anything in sight. That great mind is put to use often in this first adventure, contending with her devious half-sister and almighty uncles. These new additions to the family are re-imagined versions of the gods of Olympus, some taking forms you may be familiar with whilst others surprise even Diana. The mythology of the old used in a new world is one of the books strongest assets and I loved being pulled into a drama I knew little about yet somehow is instantly recognisable.

But the thing which sold me on the title and the character, someone I have never really taken an interest in before now, is her humanity. Coming from one world, with heritage from another she leaves both for ours . She feels at home with us and as the only human character of the book points out she is sharing with us (sometimes very sharing, up close and personal in a mosh pit). A Princess who could rule the land of man without breaking a sweat chooses instead to integrate into our society. Superman and Batman may fight for us, but Wonder Woman fights with us.

The most important theme which binds this tale together is blood. Rejecting one family and being shunned by the other Diana creates her own kin and fights tooth and nail to protect them. Azzarello and Chiang have done an incredible job in restoring the first lady of DC to her rightful place at the top of the mountain. This character is not amazing because she’s a woman, she’s amazing because of her character.


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