Overcoming Digital Boundaries

3 Mar

comixology android

Despite the fact that I can no longer say the word digital without in my head finishing with “Digital monsters Digimon are the champions!” I love digital. As a child of the digital era growing up with everything from the MiniDisc up to the recent Google Glasses, I’ve always been on the front line of new technologies eager to dive into the next big thing.

The same has been true with comics. I had read a few trade paperback volumes of lesser known comics but last year I was introduced to Comixology. The app was the top of the iPhone app store charts for months and the version for Android was fast approaching that status as well. As I had a lengthy trip to America forthcoming, I downloaded the app in hopes of still being able to begin my journey into geekdom whilst saving the amount I had to pack. Needless to say it is my most used app.

I have since tried on several occasions to purchase actual physical comic books both online and in stores such as Forbidden Planet. Marvel are sporadically introducing a new scheme to their print copies. Similar to how home movie releases now often contain up to four copies of the film (Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital) select Marvel comics now contain a special code allowing the purchaser a free digital download of the comic they now own. This is a great step in the right direction, but until the full line is available in both mediums, I cannot have the best of both worlds.

Friends tell me that there is no alternative to reading a print comic, and I wholeheartedly agree, but unfortunately I am an “On Demand” guy from an On Demand generation. I want stuff and I want it now. That might be selfish and greedy but you know what I just don’t give a fuck. Tell ’em Spider-Man:

Spiderman Fucks Falling

So this very night I found a solution. So devious and cunning it took all of two minutes to concoct and implement. Screenshot. A function as old as Windows yet one that is rarely used by most people. All I need do I take a screenshot on my tablet of each page of my comic, save them to a folder, and voilà! Now I can download my comics instantly, on the go and on demand, and if anything does ever happen to the companies I have downloaded my comics from, I will still have a hard copy to keep.

One thing to remember though, the distribution of these files would be digital piracy, and thats bad kids, mmkay. But simply keeping a copy of a something you purchased is perfectly acceptable. There is a long and arduous journey ahead for digital comics and digital media rights in general. Getting past and rid of DRM, reducing the price if the purchase is just for a licence rather than ownership and giving free copies via existing physical mediums as some films now do. But for now I’ve found a work around. And like Spider-Man always says:

Ahh shucks, thanks Spidey!

Ahh shucks, thanks Spidey!


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